Ecological Casitas

Self-sustainable Casitas need nothing more than nature to function, without causing any harm to the environment.

The electricity that the cabins have is generated by solar panels and a windmill, this generates energy needed for lighting, loading computers, cell phones, and speakers. It is not allowed to plug anything of high energy expenditure like hair dryer, irons, etc, since this would spend the daily energy.

The refrigerators and kitchens are perfectly gas operated.

The water is heated by means of a solar collector and gas hot water tanks that only ignite when the collector does not reach the desired temperature.

The water comes from a pipe or well, for which we promote the rational use of it.

In the houses there are posters with practical tips to save water, which you can also apply when you return to your home !!

Although La Casita in Costa Rica is not self-sustainable, it is built of materials of the area, which minimizes the environmental impact, on the other hand its architecture was designed for this area, taking into account the natural ventilation and wood that conserves fresh La Casita.